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Monday Morning Coffee: Unskinny Bop Edition

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Playoff basketball, feel the burn. Or maybe that's the STD. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
Playoff basketball, feel the burn. Or maybe that's the STD. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Apparently, you can't even make a Polish joke anymore.

File this under: Things I'll never have done.

The Brewers sucked hard this weekend.

Almost as hard as Josh Smith on his words.

Like dirty girls? This link is for you.

Untalented 80's glam-rocker, still not dead yet.

Speaking of not dead yet, Vikings won't be any good without Favre.

The star of Kick-Ass, who is 19, is now a baby daddy with a 43 year old woman.

You know it's not real football when you score 61 points and lose.

Oregon has a new head coach. My parents alma mater is now without a coach. Let's look back at the Dana Altman era at Creighton. (Growing up in Omaha, I was a Creighton fan)

MU related links:
Former classmate of mine at MU, Brad Forster, has a great new video of DJ Newbill.
From the New York Times: Football determines future, not basketball.

Marquette Coach Buzz Williams said that no one had asked about the future of the league while he was recruiting this spring. “It’s so difficult to predict what anyone is going to do,” Williams said of the future of conference realignment. “Everything is somewhat predicated on, if this scenario happens, this is what our plan would be.”

Joe Fulce hopes you didn't get high on 420.
Wesley Matthews had a nice 18 pt performance last night.
D-Wade dropped 46 to avoid elimination.
Doc Rivers gives up the title "best to ever come of out MU" to Wade.

That's it for MU stuff.

I wish I would have thought of this.

Motivational. Christian. Rapper. (bonus points: white and female)

I find great amusement in these Iron Man mashed with a chick flick videos.

Music list to annoy you. Top 125 albums since 1985.

This is just awful. Worst cover ever?

Random Video: Carbon Leaf during rehearsal in Madison last week.