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Monday Morning Coffee: Yo-Yo Man Edition

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I hope you gave proper respect to your mother yesterday. Now, onto the toilet humor.

TV's Hottest Moms.


You can't stop Jody Gerut, you can only hope to contain him.

These Muppet cupcakes are f'n brilliant.

Last Thursday's episode of Community was EPIC.

And this .gif is mesmerizing and creepy.

Behold the mysterious Yo-Yo Man. ($10 to anybody who can track him down)

Star Wars trilogy told in 2 minutes by Legos.

More nerdy Star Wars stuff.

I had forgotten about inappropriate soundtracks, but this might be the best one. The ones for Philadelphia and Shawshank are especially awesome.

Marquette related links:
Wesley Matthews is a momma's boy, and proud of it.
Matthews was crushed after Saturday night's heartbreaking loss.
MU got bigger -- a LOT bigger.
MU to add another big man?
Buzz talked on ESPN Radio in Milwaukee about the possibility of someone leaving the team. (The interview starts at about the 24 minute mark.) The money quote: "I'm not running anybody off, but you gotta earn your right to be here, just like everybody else." Another nugget from that interview: Buzz told Wes Matthews to transfer. I'd never heard that story before.
Marquette to the Big 12?
Joe Chapman is good in Britain.
Update on Travis Diener.
Rutgers fired a former MU assistant coach and hired a former MU assistant coach.

Betty White on SNL.

Jason has killed 113 people in his movies.

Walt's house was broken in to.

Speaking of LOST: Jimmy Kimmel is going to air three additional endings of the show after the finale.

Top 20 All-time Sportscasters. List FAIL? You decide.

Duckie sounds like a prick.

The only reason to go see Iron Man 2.

Need more links? Check out Film Drunk.

Random Music Video: Justin Roberts. I'm heading to Madison on Sunday to see him with the family. A nice kid friendly show starting at 11a.m, in a bar.