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Adjective SURVIVOR! Tom Crean Edition: Three's Company.

The nitty is gettin' downright gritty in hurrrr, as we've eliminated all but three of the options in our seemingly-never-ending quest to bestow THE perfect adjective on former Marquette coach / piece of human toast Tom Crean.


Sadly, it is still not yet time for Europe's "The Final Countdown." But it is time for a recap of last week's voting, where 69 (heh) of you checked in and decreed that Over-Caffeinated was not worthy. Big thanks to KL for the patented Brew Crew Ball bump -- the nee-Snowman directed about half of the voters to our humble abode through a link in the daily Frosty Mug.

By this point, I think everybody understands the rules of the game, but, just in case you've missed the first eleventy rounds of this nonsense, here's your refresher: Survivor-style, we're voting off one adjective every week. We started with ten, and now there are three. This is very, very SERIOUS BUSINESS. Conform your conduct.

The nominees are: