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Monday Morning Coffee: Time Lord Rock Edition

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Lots of nonsensical rambling. You've been warned.

Ahhhhh, Winnie Cooper. Still hot.

Annie Adderall? Yes please.

Can you name these '80s bands by their members names? I scored 26 of 30. (h/t klwillis45 for the link)


Rima Fakih? Not bad. Not bad at all.

Megan Fox turned 24 yesterday. (via fark)

Was at the Brewers game on Saturday for a bachelor party. The game sucked. But you know what sucked even more? The strippers at Silk. They used to have decent women. Some of the girls they had on Saturday night shouldn't have been working at Ricky's on State. I have more money today than I should, but that's only because of ugly strippers. Another thing I hate? Hipsters. Of course I saw the worst type of hipster on Saturday. As a part of the bachelor party we went to Koz's Mini Bowl. These hipsters were dressed up like The Dude from Big Lebowski with their bathrooms and flip-flops. Seriously, DIAF hipsters.

Back to the Brewers - FIRE DOUG MELVIN. He continues to sign mediocre pitching and then wonders why they pitch mediocre. Last night was a tough choice: Davey Nelson or Joe Morgan. I never want to have to make that decision ever again.

Wait, this is a Marquette blog ...

Marquette Basketball Related Links:
MU has added Vandy and Princeton to an already difficult schedule.
MU ranked 10th in total attendance for the '09-'10 season.
MUTV Sports talked to Vander Blue.
MU now has a Masters program in sports leadership. Who's going back to school with me?
The Athletic Department is going to launch a new website in August.
Update on Dominic James.
The annual Buzz's BBQ will take place on June 23rd. It's always a good time.
Lazar's NBA tryouts are starting up.
One blogger says "Don't go to Marquette games" because of this.
D-Wade is the anti-Lebron, and that's a good thing.
Wes Matthews gets some more love.

Lastly, Fox 6's Jen Lada has a feature on Joe Fulce:

Admiral Ackbar links for the day:
How to make an Admiral Ackbar puppet from a brown lunch bag.
This is an oldie but a goodie.
Sadly, I may not become the new mascot for Ole Miss.

Big Ten Expansion: you can join only if you have good economics. (Bull.)
I still hate the man pictured in this article.

Media hypocrisy on steroids with the NFL and MLB? Um, yeah.

What is chapter 9 about?

Five things I hope don't ever come back. But did #2 really ever go away?

I hate the Lakers and Phil Jackson, so I love this Steve Nash quote.

Chicago sports FAIL and amazingly it doesn't involve the Cubs.

Parry Gripp of Nerf Herder fame is on the Dr. Who bandwagon.

Damn you Hollywood. My TV was fine without him on it.

Disturbing: Coming to a strip club near you in 10 years.

Random Music Video: Alphaville. Jay-Z and Mr Hudson butcher this song.