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Adjective SURVIVOR! Tom Crean Edition: Final Fight.

Good work, everyone. I promised you this, and I'm a man of my word:

That's right: it's time for the last round of our mission to find THE perfect adjective to describe former Marquette coach Tom Crean.


Last week, Napoleonic's unexpected run of success finally came to an end, leaving "Reptilian" and "Smarmy" as the remaining contenders. The stakes are high: henceforth, the last adjective standing must be used whenever Tom Crean is referenced on Anonymous Eagle. So, going forward, it's either:

  • Smarmy Tom Crean, or
  • Reptilian Tom Crean

... and there's no going back. The choice is yours.

(Note: last week, I asked if we wanted to follow the rules of Survivor and switch to "vote for the winner" in the final round. No one responded, and we've come this far using the same rules, so I'm not going to change them now. Vote for your LEAST favorite.)