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Monday Morning Coffee: Duct Tape Edition

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Evenin', cowgirl. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Evenin', cowgirl. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Welcome to your Monday roundup of stupid.

Please note: next Monday is Memorial Day. There will be no Monday morning coffee on the 31st. June 1st? Maybe. Depends on how lazy I am.

I was at the MU graduation yesterday at the Bradley Center. I assume Lazar, Cubillan and Acker got their diplomas.

All apologies if this post is all over the map. I'm just trying to wrap my head around the awesomeness that was the finale of LOST last night. Great series, great finale. Depending on what kind of fan of LOST you are, you'll fall into one of these two categories. If you're not a fan, you just suck at life. Or you fall into this category.

Even The Simpsons got in on the LOST bandwagon last night. (via reader One Flight Wad)

A LOST link for the ladies.

MacGruber bombed at the box office. There is hope for America yet.

Hey look, the Brewers didn't lose!

Big thanks to this guy for sending readers to our website.

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Wes Matthews should get a nice pay raise.
ESPN ranks MU's 2010 recruiting class at #17.
MaxPreps ranks MU's 2010 recruiting class at #22.
Lazar's NBA pre-draft camp video.

Admiral Ackbar/Star Wars Links:
Admiral Ackbar Lego magnet.
I once owned this bad boy.
Full on Star Wars nerd action going on.
I need to get me the Darth Vader toaster.
Han Solo drops some Star Wars nuggets.

Really? This clown made $3.5 million last year?

Dora the Explorer was arrested for being an illegal immigrant.

Stupid hippie.

Oh hell no.

My fellow blogger on Anonymous Eagle, Rubie? This is his theme song.

Random Music Video: Well, this is a basketball blog ...