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Monday Morning Coffee: Super Saver Edition

Submitted without comment. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Submitted without comment. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Next time around, I'm betting on the horse that Calvin Borel is on. Do people still give a damn about the Kentucky Derby? I love it. I sit and watch the derby all afternoon.

The easiest question of the day: Are Sportswriters Really Necessary? Um, have you seen some of the writing that comes out of the local newspaper? Then the answer is, um, no.

If you're not watching Community on Thursday nights, shame on you. I offer you two spectacular reasons to watch the show.

I'm going to run this race in October, you should to.

Want to play poker with Warren Buffet?

Did you miss Coco on 60 Minutes? Watch the video here.

Wait for the slo-mo replay, it's worth it.

This list for the win, solely for its inclusion of Joe Esposito.

Let's see, the Brewers season is slipping away faster than most had hoped. When does the pressure start to switch to Doug Melvin? He's the king of signing .500 pitchers and then wonders why the pitch .500 ball.

The Bucks put up nice fight, but couldn't pull off the first round upset. The fact it even went 7 games was good enough for me.

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Scott Christopherson is not dead, but is on his 3rd College basketball coach.

Kentucky basketball players aren't great in the classroom.

Nebraska to the Big Ten? 10 (11) good reasons why.

Daisy Duke's husband killed himself.

Who knew?

Sequels that were better than the original. This list includes an Ethan Hawke movie. You've been warned. That no talent a$$ clown has never been good in a movie.

This great song came on the ipod as I was writing this post.

Random Music Video: The Sounds. I like you Ms. Maja Ivarsson