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Adjective SURVIVOR! Tom Crean Edition: The Fantastic Four.

I'm not sure where we are in our legendary quest to find THE perfect adjective for former Marquette coach Tom Crean; we started with ten adjectives, and now we're down to four, so ... does that make this the quarterfinals? The semifinals? The regional finals?

Anyway, I do know that it's not yet time for Europe's "The Final Countdown," so that has to count for something. But there will be Europe at some point. This is my promise to you.


After last week's voting, "Nepotism-Enabling" was asked to pack its knives and go to hell. Good show, "Nepotism-Enabling"; better luck next time we try something this pointless.

OK, you know the rules -- Survivor-style, we're voting off our LEAST favorite adjective. You've got four choices, so give this one some minimal at least 0.7 seconds of thought.