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Tuesday Morning Coffee - Little Lion Man Edition

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One of these people you care about, the other you don't.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
One of these people you care about, the other you don't. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Fear not kids. We won't talk about LOST this week. I think.

Let's see, who died this weekend? Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper. Who will finish off the trifecta? Looks like one of the Temptations.

Hold on, wait for it ... nope. Still not interested in the World Cup.

Ladies, Sayid is back on the market. (Well, we made it three mini-paragraphs before talking about LOST. Progress!)

Happy Birthday to the man who made talking to orangutans cool.

Olivia Munn vs. Olivia Wilde: Who ya got? For me, Munn's the word.

Heavy Metal turns 40.

Maybe because I'm a dork, but I think this movie has potential.

Marquette Basketball Related Links:
Marquette online forum history. We need to be included on that bad boy.
Rosiak talks Lazar.
Video of Jamail Jones' first week on campus.
Video of Wesley Matthews returning to campus.
Otule and Fulce - working hard in the weight room.
Lazar was interviewed by Draft Express.
He was also interviewed by CBS Sports.
Badger grad Andy Katz has nice things to say about Lazar Hayward.
So does Dick Vitale.
Cracked Sidewalks wrote a scouting report on Lazar for "Ballin' is a Habit."
Lazar, Steve Novak, Jerry Smith and Mo Acker were practicing at the AL last week,

Admiral Ackbar links:
An interview with the voice of Admiral Ackbar.
If you're looking to get me a Father's Day gift, I'll take this.
Or this.
Got a little Ackbar in you? (TWSS)
I'm pretty sure this is somewhere in my parents' basement.
Someone get me six proofs of purchase.

Will Mark A. eat $12 Million Soup?

SEC baseball on the clock.

Mike Conway's Indy 500 crash was ridiculous.

She's not going to win any Mom of the Year awards.

I'm always a sucker for a good cover song.

Holy Hell do I hate this man.

Random Music Video: Mumford & Sons. I first heard this album on Thursday. According to my iTunes play count, over the weekend I listened to the album 18 times. It's that good. The song 'Little Lion Man' has the best use of a F-bomb in a song for a very long time. Listen to it here and watch the video for 'Winter Winds' below.