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Monday Morning Coffee - Truth Edition

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Arms?  Don't need 'em. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Arms? Don't need 'em. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Getty Images

First note: Rubie will take the reigns of next Monday's Coffee. I'll be on vacation in Omaha at the College World Series. Nebraska is now known as "Big Ten country." Never thought I'd utter those words, or actually be excited by the idea. Yet I am. I spend all those years dogging on the Big Ten and at the drop of a hat, I love it -- for football, at least. During basketball season, it's all Big East.

Is the Big 12 dead? Who knows. But I do know that I no longer care.

Want lots of reading material from the Nebraska point of view? Husker Max is the place. Our SBN brothers over at Corn Nation do a pretty good job, too.

Bret Bielema wants to play Nebraska the day after Thanksgiving.

Bo Pelini and Co. are fueling up the tractors and combines for the trip east.

Jimmy Dean is dead. Which gives me a reason to post this.

Katy Perry, looking good.

This link from Pocket Doppler is, in a word, awesome.

If you can't afford the rescue, then you should have told them not to go looking for your daughter.

Did you know Mr. Clean has an actual first name?

Who knew Kalamazoo had a seedy side? Zach?

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Buzz is a man of character.
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The new scoreboard looks awesome.
Cooby working hard.
Marquette beat UW in the Academic Progress Rate.
Have a Marquette tattoo? They'd like to see it.

Admiral Ackbar links
This guy looks like Admiral Ackbar.

I had no idea A-Team came out this weekend. And it lost to WIll Smith's kid. Maybe it was the clip of the parachuting tank shooting at planes that kept people away.

This has to be from the South right?


Songs written by crazy people.

Random Music Video: Parry Gripp