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Where's 'Zar Headed? Your NBA Draft Open Thread.

The Association Draft starts in a couple hours, but we likely won't know where Marquette's Lazar Hayward will end up until 8 or 9 p.m.  To bide our time until then, here's what a bunch of people who know such things think about 'Zar's prospects:

Chad Ford continues to underrate Lazar, pegging him at No. 53 to the Atlanta Hawks. has the Pistons taking Hayward at No. 36.

NBA Soup sees 'Zar in New York next year, with the Knicks picking him at No. 38.  They write:

... it’s the second round, and Hayward is too good to keep falling. His slide stops here. has your hometown Bucks snagging Hayward at No. 44.

The Mixtape Monster lists 'Zar as one of it's (I think a monster is an "it," anyway) "Monster Sleepers."  Sources tell me this is much better than being a "Mega Sleeper" or even a "Super Sleeper," but it's one step below the "Sleepwalking Sleeper."

There are three of us who've made predictions about where 'Zar will land:

  • Mr. Kensington says 49, to the Spurs.
  • Zach says Phoenix at 46.
  • Rubie says 50 to Dallas.

There's a two-liter of your choice at stake here, people.  Just pick a number.  It's not that hard.

Good luck and God speed, Lazar.