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Lazar Hayward Goes To Wizards (Then T-Wolves) With 30th Pick

For the last couple weeks, Coach Buzz Williams has been telling anyone who will listen that Wesley Matthews made Lazar Hayward some money with his (Matthews') performance for the Utah Jazz this past season.  Coach Buzz's rationale was that teams saw how tough, how smart, and how adaptable Marquette players could be, and were perhaps more willing to give Hayward a longer look and greater consideration.

I don't know that anybody anticipated that 'Zar would make THIS much money, though.

In a mild stunner, the Washington Wizards -- who, you may have heard, took Kentucky point guard John Wall with the first overall selection -- grabbed Hayward with the last pick of the first round.  According to the ESPN ticker, Washington has agreed to trade 'Zar's rights to Minnesota, which would keep Hayward much closer to his (college) home.

Hayward is the first Marquette player to be selected in the first round of the NBA Draft since Dwyane Wade in 2003.  More importantly, 'Zar, as a first-round selection, gets a guaranteed, two-year contract.  Even for the 30th overall pick, that's a lotta dimp.

Congratulations, Lazar!