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Monday Morning Coffee: Shoots and Scores Edition

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All three please.  At once. Maybe 10 seconds. Tops. (Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)
All three please. At once. Maybe 10 seconds. Tops. (Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Thanks to Rubie who did a fine job of filling in on the coffee last week while I was at the College World Series. The Monday Morning Coffee is back with its 2nd grade humor.

Landon Donovan, shoots and scores!

Who is going to Russia with me?

Rumor is Warrior Brad is now a Nebraska Football season ticket holder. Since he won't be able to go back for every game, he'll give some tixs to your partners here at Anonymous Eagle, right?

What In God's Name......

What in God's Name......version 2.0.

Emma Watson likes good music, looking hot.

Megan Fox kills it in a red dress.

It's exactly what you'd expect when Snoop and Willie hang out.

MUBB related links:
Here's the current list of players committed to IWB's Milwaukee Pro Am. Still no UW players. Morris Cain has been added.
Cracked Sidewalks points out MU is great at getting you to the NBA.
Sad news, Jimmy Butler wears jean shorts. At least they're not cut-offs.
Rubie talked to a T-Wolves blog about what they thought of the draft.
Rubie also had a nice recap on draft night for Lazar.
The Big East Conference games have been announced (sans dates)
Anybody watch Vander Blue last night? has a recap.
D-Wade is finally divorced.
Lawyers be talking about MU Basketball.
MU lost a die-hard fan last week.
MU license plates should arrive any day now.

Corey Hart uses a bat made by people smarter than him.

The Tigers can't catch a break.

Airplane! came out 30 years ago.

I scored 6 of 10 on this Star Wars quiz.

A remake of Footloose is happening.

Random Music Video: I only put this video here to annoy you. I post it because of this.