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7/12 Morning Coffee: $125 Million Edition

Mmmmmmm. Spain (Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images)
Mmmmmmm. Spain (Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Adorable Badgers? Those don't exist in real life.

Some sort of soccer tournament is over.

What a freaking spaz. It's only Ichiro.

Emily Blunt is now off the market.

Star Wars in real life.

I really hope someone has YouTube video of this.

Transformers 3 will be filming at the Calatrava today and tomorrow. No Megan Fox? No interest.

First Mel Gibson, now Urkel?

Six sports video game icons.

Thanks for Warrior Brad's story on Nebraska football, which got linked on Huskerpedia last Friday. Since then it has sent over 2,300 people to our site. That my friend, is the power of Nebraska Football.

Marquette related links:
Wesley Matthews is gonna get paid. $34 million? Worth every penny.
What's that? You want Marquette to add a football team? Fork over $125 Million. has relaunched with a new look.
Jimmy Butler will be a part of an online chat on Friday.
Here's a recap of the first weekend of games in the Milwaukee ProAm. Here's another.
VIDEO: Actually has a recap of the ProAm.
Indiana paper does a story on Dominic James.
A writer from ESPN thinks the CBE Classic format is stupid. (And he's right.)
UWGB story on playing Marquette.
MU went to the message boards to warn about talking to recruits.
Warrior Brad finished up his series of posts with the Top 10 Ways to Pass the Offseason.

Just blame ESPN for everything.

This guy was a step slow.

This: Sophia Vergara.

Random Music Video: By request from loyal AE reader Zach: Soul Decision - Faded (don't like it? Request something better)