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Top 10 Ways To Pass The Offseason Until Tip-Off

This is the final installment in a series of posts sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.  The first two installments may be found here and here

Since we are in the barren desert of the college sports off-season, I present a few ideas on how to pass your offseason blues after the jump.



Top 10 Ways to Pass the Basketball Offseason


10.  Since 2011-2012 is a reseating year, figure out your strategy to improve your Bradley Center seats with the least possible expenditure.  Hint: women’s tickets


9.    Engage the infamous Murf/gr8one/Murffrieus in a debate on Travis Diener/ankle taping/switching defenses


8.  Take singing lessons.


7.  Eat schnitzel at Germanfest


6.  Follow Tom Crean on Twitter and try to decipher his rambling messages stretching over 3-4 tweets


5.  Scour YouTube for Freeway videos.  Here.  Here.  Here.


4.  Google interesting college basketball search terms.  Steve Lavin hair gel” returns 1,530 results


3.  Complain about Marquette’s non-conference strength of schedule


2.    Attend the Scion Dental Milwaukee Summer Pro-Am tournament to check out the new flock of Golden Eagles.


1.    Play EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.