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7.19 Morning Coffee: Nothing Better To Do Edition

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This pic is ripe for captioning. Have at it in the comments. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
This pic is ripe for captioning. Have at it in the comments. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Quality content? Sure, this link dump doesn't have it, but the site as a whole will have it over the next two weeks. We narrowed our Marquette Hall of Fame down to 10 nominees. Every weekday we'll unveil a new nominee and a reason why they should be included in the SBN Wisconsin Hall of Fame. The regular AE scrubs are handling the five nominees for this week, then next week we turn it over to some very special guests. So worry not readers, the quality content is coming. Just not in this particular post.

Star Wars with a bunch of new cereals. Glad to see myself on the first box.

Former Cleveland Indians manager Lou Brown died. He was awesome in Cabin Boy.

Lots of people with nothing better to do outside the Bradley Center today.

Really? That unfunny clown is with January Jones?

Due Date looks like a remake of Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

You know what the bible needed more of? Vampires. Thanks Hollywood.

Marquette Basketball Related Links:
Remember 7-footer Liam McMorrow? Didn't play 'cause of health issues but stayed on for school? He's transferring to Tennessee Tech ... to play basketball. FYI, Tennessee Tech's nickname: Golden Eagles.
DJ Newbill is heading to Southern Miss.
You catch that? Two players who were going to be Golden Eagles at Marquette are now Golden Eagles at others schools. Man, that nickname is lame.
We (me and Rubie) asked Jimmy Butler two questions, and he answered both. Woot!
Tom Oates? Sucks. Kudos to Wesley Matthews for ignoring the same people who ignored him for years.
Somebody woke up Rosiak and he has a big fat recap.
Will Wesley Matthews fit in with the Blazers?
Doc Rivers added an MU guy to his staff.
Here's a look at the first 10 non-conference teams on the schedule. Is UWM going to make me buy a 5 pack just so I can get a ticket to the MU game?
A rare article on the women's team.

This is why the Celtics are better than the Bucks.

In case I forgot to mention it. Manny Parra? You suck.

If you have 7 minutes to waste, here's video of a bunch of white guys dunking on a 8 foot hoop. One of the people in the video may, or may not be one of our guest writers next week.

Friend of the Admiral singer-songwriter Chris Trapper is awesome. He just released a 7 song EP. The cool part? The cost to you is "pay what you want." So do me a favor check out the link, listen to all the songs and decide if you like it. If you do, you get to set the price.

Random Music Video
: Since they just released a new album last Tuesday. It's the latest from one of the Admiral's favorite bands - Great Big Sea