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7.26 Morning Coffee: The Price Is Wrong Edition

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Rubie Q is filling in for me next week while I'm off vacationing in hillbilly country.

We'll continue our Marquette Hall of Fame Nominees this week, wrapping up with #1 on Friday. This week we're bringing in a a solid batch of guest writers.

Mark the calendar. Sept 21st Season 1 of Community is released on DVD.

The other Buzz, Buzz Bissinger can be awesome sometimes.

I present to you, the nail in the coffin of The Price Is Right.

I'm gonna say, the one on the left.

25 years since Stand By Me.

The babes of Comic-Con 2010. Pic #12 & #27 makes the use of the word 'babe' invalid.

This is for kids? Creepy. Reminds me of that tripped out/LSD scene from Dumbo that still haunts me to this day.

Anybody good at playing with your Wii? Competition this weekend at Southridge.

Marquette Basketball Reading Material:
A Wesley Matthews story that Tom Oates wishes he could write.
Video: Reggie Smith
Video: Jamil Wilson
The Athletic Dept launched a new website:
Video: Wesley Matthews lands in Portland.
More great Pro-Am highlights from YoungMUFan4
Lazar Hayward is a good man.
The fine boys from Cracked Sidewalks have been talking to East Coast Bias as a part of a Big East round table feature.
Most college coaches thinks the other guy is cheating.
Must Read: A great two part series on in-coming JUCO transfer Jae Crowder. Part One and Part Two.

Huggy Bear fell down.

This needs to be my next career choice.

10 signs that the band you're about to see, sucks.

Decent music video, for a decent song.

Random Music Video: Our Lady Peace