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EA Sports Presents - Where I Come From

It's that time of year for college football fans.  Most baseball teams are already out of the divisional race (sorry Pirates fans, you'll always have Jose Lind), the football preview magazines are occupying a big chunk of space at the local bookstore (remember those?) and people are forking over their cash for season tickets (Tom Osborne thanked me with a window sticker and form letter for my compulsory contribution to Nebraska athletics).  The most important milestone is yet to come: the release of EA Sports NCAA Football 2011

For those of you unfamiliar with the NCAA football franchise, it stretches back to 1994 and has become the ONLY video game I purchase.  The game is easy to play and the Dynasty mode allows you to dig deep into recruiting and work your way up the coaching ladder.  I'm fond of taking a BCS also-ran and dominating over multiple seasons.  I took particular glee in "leading" moribund Syracuse to multiple national titles with a power option attack.  Too bad the Greg Robinson years weren't as successful as the Warrior Brad years.  All the better, the ACC booted out Duke in favor of my Syracuse team.  That had to make digital Jim Boeheim whine even more.

In order to celebrate this annual ritual, The Anonymous Eagle will present a 3-part Husker football saga.  Be sure to read all the posts, add your comments and purchase EA Sports NCAA Football 2011 next week.

  • Today: Where I Come From - How I Became a Nebraska Football Fan
  • Thursday, July 8th:  All-Time Favorite Team/Players/Moments of Nebraska Football 
  • Monday, July 12th:  Top 10 Ways To Pass The Offseason Until Tip Off