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Introducing a New Project: The SBN Wisconsin Hall of Fame

With the NBA Draft behind us, the Jamil Wilson story mercifully dying down, and the start of the 2010-'11 Marquette basketball season still more than two months away, we've officially entered the Dog Days of Summer.  Thus, as Steve Czaban is fond of saying, we now turn our attention to Top 10s and all measure of subjective, arbitrary lists and rankings.

Friend of Show and Brew Crew Ball headmaster KL came up with a fine idea to pass the time: the SBN Wisconsin Hall of Fame.  The idea, in brief: each of the SBN sites devoted to covering a Wisconsin team:

... is going to submit ten (10) nominees for the SBN Wisconsin HOF voting.  This week, each of the sites is going to select its ten nominees; then, as we move through July, we'll unveil them one by one and do a post on each of 'em.  Ultimately, the goal is to have the final vote for our first round of inductions in early August 

In other words, we're going to create our version of the walk of fame that's outside the MECCA ... but with less Dan Jansen and Bonnie Blair.  Sorry, Dan.  Sorry, Bonnie.

Today, though, I need your help in creating the list from which we'll select our ten nominees.  Ideally, we'd like to come up with 40 or 50 Marquette greats today, put up the post so you can vote on the top 10 tomorrow, and close the voting on Friday afternoon.

So, in the comments, if you please: your suggestions for players/coaches/broadcasters/etc. to be included in tomorrow's post.  We're going to limit this to former players (unless somebody can make a really convincing case for Rob Frozena), but current coaches, broadcasters, admins are fair game.