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The Few, The Proud: Vote for Our 10 Nominees for the SBN Wisconsin Hall of Fame.

Let's get down to business.  Yesterday, we asked for suggestions on the players, coaches, etc, who should make up the list from which we'll chose the ten (10) Marquette nominees for the SBN Wisconsin Hall of Fame.  With a tip of the cap to everyone but Soft Pretzel With Cheese (David Diggs was your only contribution to this venture?  Really?), and with an extra hearty tip of the cap to Tim Blair of Cracked Sidewalks, who helped me fill in the gaps in my MU history, we've put together a list of 34 players, coaches, administrative types, and broadcaster (singular) from which to make our selections.

After the jump: the nominees. 

Remember: vote for no more than 10, or I'll come to your house and smack you in the face with a dead fish.