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8/16 Morning Coffee: Grounding Your Club Edition

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It's Irish Fest Week. The only ethnic festival worth a damn.

I don't want to be Dustin Johnson today. Some golf people talk about the rule.

Mad Men don't know how to lay or lie down. I just started watching Mad Men. I had no idea the guy from One Crazy Summer is on that show.

George Lucas ruined everything. Teddy Bear Luau.

Why is everybody cheering? I'm a Star Wars geek, but that's just lame.

3-D makes old art cooler.

Archie is a playa.

Dear America, stop doing this.

Since Rubie likes whales.

Pee Wee Herman talks about his movie theater experience.

This is why Van Halen is awesome.

This is why Van Halen is lame.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Whoever runs the Scout Board twitter account, is an idiot. #endhashtagabuse
Glad to see Buzz not attend this event.
Dominic James will play in Bulgaria this year.
Vander Blue wants to know if Erin Andrews will be in Milwaukee for the UW game.
Marquette Athletics is 26th in Twitter followers.
I like MU's Deputy Athletic Director Mike Broeker.
Some guy from Yahoo! says MU falls to Duke, but Vander is good.
A video about the Golden Eagle, sadly, it doesn't die in a fire.
The Athletic Department released interview videos of Vander Blue and Davante Gardner.

People still pay to see Animotion in concert?

20 best fake bands from TV & movies. Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem FTW!

Random Music Video: Because Rubie was crying last week for his Jesus Jones.......we go with The Farm and Groovy Train