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8.30 Morning Coffee: Invisible Touch Edition

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Survived a weekend in the Dells with the in-laws. If you see a lobster walking around downtown that's probably me. The SPF 100 I was using didn't really keep me from getting burnt.

Warrior Brad and I will be out on Saturday night at Karma watching Nebraska football. Who's joining us?

Star Wars never looked so sexy.

Star Wars never looked so delicious.

I only link to this because Hurley is in the video.

Everybody wants to be on Yo Gabba Gabba.

Phil Collins music ruined his love life.

Your favorite TV show, didn't win an Emmy.

An EFF - EPIC Football FAIL.

Greatest Invention Ever? Yes.

Marquette Basketball Links
I'm going to try a slightly different format for the MU Links. Let me know what you think.

Darnell Harris, a Milwaukee kid is headed to Texas to play for Christian Life Center Academy. He is interested in playing for Buzz, but has academic issues.

"Darnell will need to work hard academically to qualify," Jenkins said. "That's not to say he couldn't have done it here. But, down there, the academic focus is very intense."

As always, Mark Miller has a bit more in-depth analysis:

In the past, players such as Johnnie Lacy of Milwaukee Bay View and Calvin Godfrey of Milwaukee Custer have left the Milwaukee Public School System for prep schools, but the numbers have never approached the extent of this year. Indeed, the 2010-11 season may go down as the "Year of the Export." Coaches in the Milwaukee City Conference are rightfully concerned about the disturbing trend.

Big East Tournament, not changing formats. Buzz says:

“The equity that I’ve built certainly lacks in comparison to the ADs and presidents in our league,” Marquette coach Buzz Williams said. “If that’s what they said it’s going to be, that’s what we’ll do.

“I think there’s probably value in how it was originally formatted. I think there was wisdom in the potential change. Everybody has a different thought on it."

Don Walker asks What can What can a Big East Network do?

"We think Big East schools that play football and basketball can generate around $15.2 million a year in revenue, while the schools that only play basketball can generate around $7.5 million in revenue," Nelson said.

Any doubt as to why Buzz Williams left New Orleans? Doubt no more.

With a year left on his own contract, Pasternack needs to find an entirely new team, capable of competing as a D-I Independent, by the time classes start on Aug. 23 -- without being able to offer any scholarships. He'll repeat the same four words all summer, on the phone, in gyms in three states and on the way into a Target store to buy a BlackBerry charger to keep calling people about prospects; in his office at UNO, in his living room in Old Metairie, and at a new-age Cajun dinner before ordering a shrimp-and-alligator sausage cheesecake appetizer: "We've gotta get players."

DJO is happy that classes are starting.
Scout's Top 100 has 8 kids listing Marquette.
MU has even more on the Rivals list.
David Cubillan landed a pro job playing hoops. (h/t Cracked Sidewalks Twitter)
D-Wade will be in Milwaukee today.
A big time stud has added MU to his list of schools.

Random Music Video: Children Collide