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9.13 Morning Decaf: Stop It Santana Edition

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Well hello NFL, its nice to have you back.  (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Well hello NFL, its nice to have you back. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Abbreviated/decaf this morning as I spent all weekend away from the laptop.

Watched the Nebraska game over at Warrior Brad's house Saturday. 3 TV's and 3 laptops. Not sure life could get much better than that. Rubie was off in MN for his birthday and saw the mighty Golden Gophers lose to freakin' South Dakota. Well done Rubie.

No reason every for Cher to do that.

That's one hell of a 'mistake'

Every parent should already know this.

I'm shocked there isn't a market for this anymore.

Dear Santana, stop. Doing a cover of Fortunate Son by CCR with Scott Stapp on vocals is a crime against all of humanity.

Why albums are released on Tuesdays.

Marquette Basketball Links:
The Spanish O'Ds back with a new video. Worth it for the Frozena dance moves.
Dear Marquette Athletics, I think this page shouldn't be live anymore.
Meet Jae.
MU is visiting 2011 recruit Mike Shaw today.
Video preview for Madness.
The Big East Schedule might be out this week.
A Marquette fan wants to be an actress.
SportsBank has a MU recruiting update.
Smarmy TC mentions leaving Marquette in this USA today story.
Digital Hoops Blast has nice things to say about MU Hoops.
Becky Kinzer is a fomer MU women's basketball player and is going into the Fond du Lac High School Athletic Hall of Fame.
#EndHashTageAbuse. NotEvenCloseDodds.
I would like to see JS do a breakdown of Marquette basketball like they do for the pack.

Did I miss anything?

Random Music Video: James - Born of Frustration