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Our Undersung Eagle of the 2010-'11 Season: Joe Fulce

With the 2010-'11 college basketball season almost upon us, I thought it appropriate to announce a new tradition we're going to observe every year: the naming of the Undersung Eagle of the Season.

While this is a new tradition for the blog, the Undersung Eagle of the Season is a rite of fall that's been carried on by my boy Superstitious Bando for many, many years. Each year, the Bando identifies a below-the-radar Marquette cager and then adopts said player for the year, supporting him through thick and (often) thin and defending his honor against any naysayers. Previous recipients of Bando's affection include Dwight Burke (he even bought a #12 shirzey for that one), Joe Chapman, and (I believe) that walk-on who's name I can't remember who got some run vs. Madison that one year.

I think it's a neat tradition, so I'm co-opting it: I'm proud to announce that the 2010-'11 Undersung Eagle of the Season is ... senior power forward JOE FULCE and his silky smooth baseline J.

Accordingly, in every game recap, we're going to have our "Joe Fulce Undersung Eagle of the Game" (which, as you probably guessed, will most often be Joe Fulce) and the "Joe Fulce Highlight of the Game."

Now, you may be asking: Why are we announcing the Undersung Eagle of the Season now, when we're still more than month away from starting the season and Marquette Madness doesn't take place for another 22 days?

I don't have a good answer for that, but I can assure you, emphatically, that the timing of this announcement has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that Joe Fulce became the first Marquette player to follow Anonymous Eagle's Twitter feed last night. Those two things are completely, totally, and indisputably unrelated.