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9.7 Morning Coffee: Hide It Away Edition

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Who says College Football is a snorefest opening weekend? The Boise State - Virginia Tech game last night was awesome. That is if you like Boise State, and the Admiral does.

Were you cool enough to make our Cool Twitter 100 list? No? Sorry, life ain't fair. You also won't make the list if you spell our name wrong.

Can't wait for I'm Still Here.

Real competition to Itunes is finally coming.

The Brewers meltdown yesterday was EPIC.

Make sure you bring along a shot of penicillin.

Because you wanted it, a new Rick Astley single.

Remind me to never visit Melvindale, Michigan.

Meet your dumb criminal of the day.

Marquette Basketball Links
The latest episode of Revealed was just posted:

Video: D-Wade goes undercover.

Cracked Sidewalks reminds you that today, Al would have been 82 years old.

Also from CS, Blue & Co have a chance to make history:

When they take the court in Kansas City against Duke, they likely will have a chance to be part of only the second Marquette team to beat a #1 ranked team.

Who needs 4 star recruits when you win with 2 star recruits in DJO & The Butler?

But we've got good news for the programs that don't dabble in college basketball's high-end high-school market. There's talent, and plenty of it among two-star and unranked players, if only your patience matches your eye for talent. We've compiled a team of active players who were two-star or unranked high school recruits that we'd take against any of college basketball blueblood's NBA-ready squads.

The Hoops Report has MU at #42:

Buzz Williams did a remarkable job putting together the talent that he had to work with and shockingly turning Marquette into a top 25 team and an NCAA tournament team. But now, the Golden Eagles must replace leading scorer Lazar Hayward. They have some talent returning and a few solid freshmen, but can Buzz work his magic once again?

One writer says MU's Revealed is off to a tepid start:

Whereas a show like "Hard Knocks" has a built-in story arc following players' bids to make the New York Jets' roster, the problem with Marquette's show is that there isn't a similar plot line to keep general viewers interested. The show is only slated to run through the team's rivalry game against Wisconsin on Dec. 11, so viewers won't even be able to follow the Golden Eagles' progress throughout the season.

MUTV Sports will have D-Wade to start off the season.

We shot the open for the new season of “Marquette Basketball Weekly” with Dwyane. The show scored over 21,000 views last year, and the second season will hit this fall.

A top recruit picked Arkansas over MU.
First impressions of MU's new leader.
Lastly, can someone please tell Dodds he's using Twitter wrong?

Random Music Video: Retribution Gospel Choir