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1.17 Morning Coffee: Crawling out of the Crater Edition

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Congrats to AE's own Warrior Brad, who joined the ranks of fatherhood on Friday afternoon. Thankfully the kid looks like his mother.

Packers vs. Bears in the NFC Championship, as God intended.

Yeah, January Jones looked good last night.

The movie Airplane is coming back to theaters, but not in Wisconsin. (EDIT: My bad. It's playing at Mayfair.)

That's right, kids: the new Miss America is from the great state of Nebraska. Hey Rubie, we're considered a corporation, right? Save up our next 10 paychecks from SB Nation and I think we could afford her $130 appearance fee.

Then this loser from Nebraska has to go and ruin everything.

Michigan brings us a candidate for Mother Of The Year.

NPR is saving rock n roll -- well, at least hipster music. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Looking for some good concerts this week in Milwaukee, Madison or Chicago? Muzzle of Bees has you covered.

Louisville game thoughts:
- That was an EPIC choke job.
- Thankfully kids were around so swearing was limited during the collapse.
- I don't blame Buzz for slowing the tempo down in the final minutes. I blames the players for getting sloppy in a hurry. Giving up 7 points in 27 seconds is shameful.
- It's a minor point, but I believe Knowles foot was on the line on one of his three-point shots.
- That was eerily similar to the choke job against Washington in the Big Dance.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Rubie called this team frauds. Here's the definition of fraud. Rubie is, and was, way off. If anybody thought this team was anything more that a middle of the pack Big East team, well that's your own damn fault. This team is exactly what Rubie and most of us here at the blog thought they were going to be. Going up and down on Twitter and this blog calling this team frauds was a bit much. The Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots: those teams are frauds, not Marquette. Did the loss suck? You bet, but this team has shown it can bounce back after a painful loss.
Rosiak's blog post and game recap.
Cracked Sidewalks recaps the damages and finds some positives.
Anatomy of the Cards' comeback.
Knowles predicted the comeback.
Card Chronicle couldn't believe what just happened.
DePaul press release on the Marquette game.
Inside the Big East: Marquette.

Random Music Video: Young The Giant - My Body