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1.18 Morning Coffee: Hair of the Dog Edition

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Let's start the day off with a true statement.

Only 8% of fans are drunk? I don't believe that for a second.

For only $200 you can stand outside the Super Bowl in Dallas.

It's gonna be a rough week for Lance Armstrong.

January Jones: back on the market!


Guns N Roses said no to Glee.

It's about time someone made a mashup of these two songs.

Game thoughts:
- I tweeted that ESPN U made the Golden Eagle looked 'tough' for once.
- Be grateful for what we have at Marquette: we easily could be DePaul.
- Oliver Purnell looked to be asleep most of the game.
- John Wall was in the house, and I doubt he was impressed with the first 10 minutes of the game.
- Honestly, there's not a whole lot to say. MU crushed a clearly inferior opponent. Bring on the Domers, again.

Marquette Basketball Links:
The Bucks' Brandon Jennings is coming to the UConn game next week ... to watch Kemba Walker.
Chicago Now claimed Rubie's directions used ridiculous math.
For some reason the Joe Fulce - Mick Jagger video is a story.

On the game:

Cracked Sidewalks says that the game continued a stretch of efficient basketball, on both ends of the court:

Marquette's defense was stifling once again, dominating the Blue Demons throughout. The win marked the third straight game where the Warriors held the opposition to a points per possession (ppp) of 0.92 or less. Last night MU held DePaul to an ineffective 0.88 ppp while running its offense at a remarkable clip of 1.35 ppp. Marquette's efficiency on offense remains impressive, and the defensive numbers are trending positively. Don't look now, but MU has been the fourth best team during conference play (and that was before last night).

Todd Rosiak's recap notes that the Warriors did their best to move on from the Louisville debacle:

"We just needed to work on finishing," said [Jimmy] Butler, who added eight rebounds and tied a career high with four steals. "I think we played Louisville the same way, got up the same way, but we got comfortable, and obviously they came back and won the game. We were much more focused on finishing the game and had to make sure we came out with the win this time."

And Rosiak's punny blog post included this quote from Coach Buzz regarding Vander Blue, who had a forgettable five-minute stint in Louisville that had some people throwing around the "W" word:

"I told him yesterday during practice, 'Vander, the next question you'll get from the media is about a freshman wall. So I'm going to tell you how to answer it, but my response is going to use profanity. When you answer it, so your mom and granddad don't get mad, don't use profanity. But it's bull. There is no such thing. It's in your mind. And it's for bad players, and you're a great player. You're good, going to be great.' I said, 'Did any of those freshmen that you were hearing about when you were a senior in high school, did any of those guys hear of a wall? What wall? What wall is it? There is no wall. It's in your mind. Get it out of your mind. I think he was really good Sunday, very good yesterday, completely on point today."

Fox Sports Wisconsin's Paul Imig says that DePaul's only chance to steal a victory was a long-lasting Marquette hangover:

DePaul was hoping that Marquette would still be thinking about its loss at Louisville three days earlier, but that carryover was short-lived as the Golden Eagles took control after the first 10 minutes of Tuesday's game to win, 94-64.

"We were hoping to get the game into the second half with a little bit of a lead or right there, and then maybe that bad movie kind of kicks back in," Blue Demons coach Oliver Parnell said. "Once they got the lead and the momentum, they smelled blood. You could sense it."

The Chicago Sun-Times says that any hopes of a repeat of DePaul's lone Big East victory last season were quickly dashed:

The highlight of DePaul’s topsy-turvy 2009-10 season came a year ago, in the closing seconds of its game against Marquette. Then-junior Mike Stovall made an off-balance 20-footer with the buzzer about to sound, giving the Blue Demons a 51-50 victory at Allstate Arena and touching off a celebration worthy of a championship. ...

The Golden Eagles never gave DePaul a chance to repeat that feat Tuesday, handing the Demons a 94-64 defeat at the Bradley Center that was their worst Big East loss of the season. DePaul now has dropped 18 consecutive regular-season conference games since edging Marquette last Jan. 20.

We Are DePaul didn't even bother with a recap, instead linking to the Marquette Scout site's review of the bludgeoning:

MU was able to force the Blue Demons into mistakes all game long and it paid dividends on the offensive end. The Golden Eagles converted 22 DePaul turnovers into 40 points.

"When you give up 40 points directly off turnovers, it makes it tough," said Purnell. "Turnovers lead directly to baskets which you cannot defend."

Random Music Video: De La Soul w/ Teenage Fanclub.