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1.24 Morning Half-Caf: Down With the Sickness Edition

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Note: the Admiral is tending to a sick youngster this morning, so this is a Half-Caf edition of the Coffee. The Admiral promises a full dose of the Coffee on Wednesday after the UConn game.

When it comes to professional football, this blog has deeply divided loyalties. Accordingly, there will be no gloating and no trash talking following the Packers victory over the Bears in the NFC Championship game. And we certainly won't be questioning whether Jay Cutler should've stayed in the game, nor will we make unfounded allegations about Cutler's toughness. Listen, most of us weren't tough enough to play high school football, and some of us -- ahem, Rubie -- couldn't stay healthy playing non-contact sports like baseball. So we're not in any position to talk junk about a guy who was being crushed by 300-pound behemoths for two hours.

OK, enough of that. Onto the nonsense:

Free new music from local band, Maritime.

The nominees for Father of the Year continue to roll in. Hey, at least slapnuts had the good sense not to drive himself.

This is not Karen Sypher ...

... but this is. Jesus, how and why is this woman still talking? The verdict in the extortion case wasn't enough to shut her up?

As you've probably heard by now: fitness guru Jack LaLanne, who was in better shape at age 90 than you are at age 30, has died. In my opinion, the best thing Jack LaLanne did in the last 10 years was serve as the inspiration for Martin Short's "Uncle Jack" character on Arrested Development. On that note: swoop me, to the Marquette links!

Marquette Basketball Links:
Rosiak with all the news that's fit to print regarding the loss to Notre Dame. And all the news that's fit to blog, too.
Fox Sports Wisconsin's Paul Imig says that we've seen this "get a lead on the road, then wilt" routine before.
The Chicago Tribune credits Mike Brey's switch to a zone defense -- curious though it seemed -- for ND's win.
Not breaking news: Tom Oates is a Grade A a** clown.
A writer defends the use of JUCOs.
SB Nation has Marquette in the Big Dance ...
... and Andy Glockner tweeted that the field isn't looking particularly strong right now.

Random Music: Dismemberment Plan - Ellen & Ben