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1.26 Morning Coffee: Lamb Chopped Edition

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First off, today is the ten-year Anniversary of Al McGuire's death. We'll have a special post on Al around noon.

(Apologies in advance for the overuse of the word awesome.)

This Muppets remix is pretty awesome.

Sweet Baby Jesus, make this sh*t stop.

In case you had forgotten: money gets you chicks.

Archers of Loaf have returned and that's awesome.

Jack White was almost a priest. He would've made an awesome Jesuit.

If you don't watch the Bachelor, you'll be amused by this site.

Con-Air 2? Sure, why not.

James Franco is pretty awesome.

Catch VD? No thanks.

Olivia Munn.

Thoughts on the game:

  • First, get off the ledge. Is Jim Boeheim on the hot seat? He just lost to Seton Hall by nearly 30 points at home. Buzz lost by eight to the #5 team in the country. Chill out, people.
  • Our defense is, at times, not really good. Way too many easy, easy baskets.
  • I loved the defensive effort against Kemba Walker, too bad all that emphasis on him left everyone else open.
  • You can't let a visiting team go on a 13-0 run on your home court. Somebody on the team has to step up. Nobody did.
  • That officiating crew was jealous of the attention that Burr, Higgins and Hightower get because they were inept as I've seen in a long time. Inconsistent and oblivious.
  • JFB did everything he could to take over that game. Unfortunately it wasn't enough.
  • Vander and Junior on the floor at the same time isn't good. They're offensive liabilities.
  • Vander Blue also shows why recruiting rankings are an overrated crapshoot. Top 50? Really? He eventually could probably be outstanding, but he's not there yet.
  • The fact that Syracuse has lost three straight is going to make Saturday's game even more difficult.

Marquette Basketball Links:
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Happy Birthday Cracked Sidewalks

Random Music Video: Old School G. Love