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1.3 Morning Coffee: Welcome Back to the BEast Edition

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First off: don't feel sorry for the people to the left. Laugh at them.

Welcome back señor bitches. I'm currently fatter than when I left. I couldn't stop eating. Hope you all had a lovely holiday break.

No, really, he means it this time. He's done.

Seriously America: stop it.

I might actually watch Castle tonight.

Zsa Zsa is going to lose a leg.

If you have to say "We're not hipsters" then you are, in fact, hipsters.

That awesome actor -- the one whose name you never knew -- passed away.

OMG!! Real life is turning out like that canceled TV show Flash Forward.

The top teacher sex scandals of 2010.

Was that a GREAT weekend of sports or what? First Marquette wins the Big East lidlifter, TCU wins the Rose Bowl, Packers beat the Bears and then the Fightin' Illini won a Big Ten game. I love when groups and people are exposed as frauds. Doing it on a national stage makes it even sweeter. Amazing what happens when you play an opponent with some actual talent on its roster.

As for Marquette, they appear to have found what they were looking for. True, they lost at Vandy but you felt they were playing with sense of urgency and purpose. So maybe the light bulb went off in their heads and they've learned what it takes to win and play a full 40 minutes. Well, I at least hope so because we're going to need lots of Big East wins because we don't have any quality non-conference wins.

Fact: Jim Burr is a terrible official.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Rubie's spot-on recap.
Rosiak's recap and blog post.
Cracked Sidewalks recap.
West Virginia newspaper recap and another one here.
A computer spit out this recap.
Cracked Sidewalks looks at the defense in the Buzz era.
Mr. Kensington had the best, most well-rounded look at the transfer issues facing Marquette.
Todd Rosiak was rooting for the Bears yesterday.
The Sports Bank has its Big East Power Rankings.
New Jersey Newsroom digs deep into the Big East.
I really really really like incoming recruit Juan Anderson. He tweeted yesterday: "F*ck man. I don't wanna hear about Bret Favre! I do NOT care about him."
And one of his teachers talks ill of Marquette. "#ihateMsNikobecause she thinks Northwestern is better than Marquette."
And he's really pushing for Langston Morris-Walker to come to MU.

Random Music Video: Dismemberment Plan - Pop open a bottle of bubbly,yeah, here's to another goddamn New Year!