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1.31 Morning Coffee: J.M.F.B. Edition

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How exactly is Pro Bowl cheerleader chosen? (Photo by Kent Nishimura/Getty Images)
How exactly is Pro Bowl cheerleader chosen? (Photo by Kent Nishimura/Getty Images)
Getty Images

What the hell happened to January?

You've been warned: great white death is coming our way. (And, before you ask: no, that's not a reference to Keaton Nankivil.)

The Creep? How cute, Rubie now has a theme song.

There was some award show last night. Here are pics of attractive women.

Jamie Pressley is back on the market.

Another reason to hate CBS.

Some Cowboys fans are upset that other teams are playing in their stadium.

The science behind sports cliches.

Somebody tell Rubie he needs to step away from the window.

Don't look now, but Nebraska's basketball team isn't as crappy as they used to be.

Muzzle of Bees has you covered on all the cool concerts in town this week.

We've been a blog here at AE for all of ten months. But our numbers keep growing every month. So big thanks to you readers who keep coming back on a regular basis. I just wish Rubie would share some of the earnings with the rest of us. Not everyone can be a hot shot lawyer. Some of us have babies to feed.

Game Thought(s), 'Cuse Edition:
From here on out, it's J.M.F.B. The man is a stud.

That's all I got.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Mr. Kensington's recap.
Rosiak's blog post and recap.
From Cracked Sidewalks: 3 RPI Top 25 wins = Top 10 NCAA Seed. They also take an early look at the brackets.
Fact: Syracuse fans hate two things: their own team and the refs. Just read the comments.
They also say: Ah Poop.
From This, That and The Other Thing. More from
NBE takes a look at the game.
Fox's Jeff Goodman put Marquette in his Top 25 ballot.
Some guy wrote about going to the DePaul game.
Buzz answered chat questions on Friday. Someone impersonated Rubie. Hint: It was me.

Random Music Video: Si*Se - The Rain. One of the best cover songs ever done.