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1.6 Morning Coffee: DJO Rocks the RAC Edition

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For those in Milwaukee, Kip Winger is playing a solo acoustic show tomorrow night at Smokin' Joes in West Allis. You've been warned.

A cougar and the Cougar.

I love this Ted Williams story. Of course, he's got a rap sheet a mile long.

A tribute to fictional bands. Dr. Teeth FTW!

RIP Boney M!

A great song.

EPIC hockey FAIL.

This is a joke, right?

This loser from Union Grove, Wisconsin has to be a Badgers fan right?

Not to be outdone, we have this loser from Illinois.

Game Thoughts:

  • It was a game #mubb needed to win, because the next three are brutal.
  • Junior with 8 assists and only one turnover was nice, but he has no shot.
  • Jae's 15 points were nice, too, but he pulled a DJO and completely disappeared in the second half.
  • It was a sloppy game, but MU won despite taking 13 fewer shots than Rutgers.
  • Nice to see more Joe Fulce minutes, we're going to need him.
  • I like going on road trips for Marquette games, but I have no desire to ever go to the RAC.
  • Three things were terrible last night: the refs, the announcers and the choppy TV feed.

Fandom Question: I meant to write about this on Monday. During the West Virginia game I discovered that I've been sitting next to MU basketball legend Earl Tatum for the past season and a half. Not like, in the same row, he's in the seat right next to me. How the hell didn't I know this?. I mean, I'm sitting next to a tall African-American but I couldn't just ask: "Did you play for Marquette?" I'm a terrible fan.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Mr. Kensington with the recap and gives some love to Otule for the steal and fastbreak.
Listen to a DJO highlight from last night.
Todd with a blog post and a dead tree recap.
AP recap.
A nice random thoughts recap from
Epoch Times recap. Rutgers head coach Mike Rice sounds like Buzz: "We have such a small margin of error, so if we don’t attend to the details of the game, it costs us, and it cost us tonight"
I love the smell of victory in the morning.
All the Rage: a feature on Wes Matthews, Jr., and his apparently volatile temper.
Submit your roar and it could end up on a T-shirt.
We talked to the Rutgers blogger prior to the game.
Nice story on Jae Crowder.

Random Music Video: Fat - Downtime. I'm pretty sure I had this in heavy rotation at WMUR back in the day.