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Jamil Wilson: Twitter Ambassador

Tomorrow marks the start of the annual Boot Camp that head coach Buzz Williams puts his players through before full practices can start. It will also mark the start of a new and unique campaign by the Marquette athletic department. Starting with Boot Camp and continuing throughout the season, transfer sophomore Jamil Wilson will be using his Twitter account to talk about all the day to day goings on of the men's basketball team.

Let's hear the athletic department explain:

The Racine, Wis., native will provide updates on practices, workouts, team news, as well as offer his thoughts on the latest developments with the squad.

Wilson will use the #mubblife hashtag to mark all of his tweets, an expansion on the usual #mubb tag used for Marquette basketball. It doesn't appear that that the announcement has stopped Jamil from using Twitter as he normally would have, but it's yet to be seen how much his #mubblife tweets will be directed by the athletic department's PR staff. It is worth noting that he's already accrued one national college basketball writer as a follower in Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo! Sports' The Dagger blog.

This could be interpreted a number of ways, but this is how I see it: Buzz is so comfortable with Jamil's understanding of what is needed from him on the basketball court that Buzz is okay with Jamil taking on a little bit of extra responsibility for the team, the athletic department, and the university.

What do you think about this development? If you're not already following Jamil, does this make you more or less likely to follow him?