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10.10 Morning Coffee: Beastly Weekend Edition

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Can you find Rubie in this picture? I can.

If Yuni goes Beastmode, you know life is good.

Oh, hai Packers, you look good too.

Biggest comeback in school history.

This is great news.

Sweet Mother of god, Axl has let himself go.

Real Steel?

Foster the People on SNL w/ a Kenny G cameo.

Mayer Hawthorne w/ a cool video.

My hometown can be awesome sometimes. Nice tat bro.

Marquette Basketball Links:
32 days.
Need more reasons to hate ESPN? Here you go.
Since Rosiak is still off covering the Brewers, the Marquette Tribune has you covered here, here, here, here and here.
Andy Katz talks stupid. (it's not a Big East/SEC Challenge game ya nitwit.)
Buzz is interested in a couple players listed here.
Dominic James is heading to Greece.
Big East hoop schools need a divorce.
Big East can still save itself.
Rubie's High Fidelity piece was damn good.
Mike Bargen sighting.

Random Music Video: Dawes