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Marquette Basketball Video Countdown: 28 Days

Here at Anonymous Eagle, we're anxious for the start of the Marquette basketball season. We're sure you are, too. And thus, we will spend the 4 weeks between Marquette Madness tonight (7pm at the Al McGuire Center!) and the team's first game against Mount St. Mary's by providing you with some of the best and most exciting Marquette videos available on YouTube.

We'll start things off with a reminder of what the boys have been going through the last two weeks to get ready for the season. Coach Buzz puts the team through Boot Camp every year, and last year's Marquette Basketball: Revealed series included an entire episode about Boot Camp. Enjoy!

Special bonus video after the jump!

The athletic department was kind enough to post a mini-Revealed episode about the end of 2011 Boot Camp the other day. It's not as informative or detailed as the episode from last year, but it's still nice to see this year's team bonding.