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10.17 Morning Coffee: Farewell Todd Edition

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Sad to see that Todd Rosiak is now off the Marquette beat. At my time at Ma Journal, Todd was one of the nicest, most honest, and decent reporters I worked with. Also happened to be a damn good writer too. We were lucky to have him for as long as we did. Who is taking over? Tom Enlund. Tom's an old school journalist, who has covered the Bucks and most recently UWM, so he's been around basketball for decades. He would rarely update the the Bucks blog when he was on their beat so I'm not holding my breath on the MU blog -- although two updates is a start (albeit one is about the NBA). And according to Todd, getting Enlund on Twitter might be a minor miracle. So for those of us who like to get our news the new school way, it doesn't look promising. Hopefully his boss will pressure him to do it.

How the heck did the Brewers win 96 games?


This is awesome
. Of course, the students doubled down. Classy bunch in Madison.

I want to party with Kirk Cameron.

For shame: 25% of those who saw Footloose were men.

This is the worst idea ever. This, however, is the real deal.

Remember Skankin' Pickle? Mike Park just released a kids CD.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Interesting, I would have expected Junior to be a starter.
Mr. Wilson could be one reason why.
Buzz lost 31 pounds this summer. But the track suit? Oh my.
Buzz doesn't care for the conference shuffle.
Media day video stuff from the University.
Card Chronicle thinks the MLK day game gets a WTF.
Dear Nunes, the NY Times calls us rivals.
Want to be verbally abused in December?
This is like the kiss of death, right?
You seem surprised, Indiana.

Random Music Video: Beast - Mr. Hurricane