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A Brief And Overdue Thank You to Todd Rosiak

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I know the Admiral covered this topic in this morning's edition of the Coffee, but I don't think there's much harm in saying "thanks" too many times, so here goes:

Last night, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Todd Rosiak confirmed a rumor that's been lingering around the Internet for the last couple weeks: after covering the Marquette men's basketball team for the last ten years for the JS, Todd's being pulled from the Marquette beat to cover the NL Central champion Milwaukee Brewers full time. As far as promotions go -- and this certainly qualifies -- it's one that's probably long overdue: Todd is an excellent reporter and easily one of the best writers at the JS, and, in hindsight, I'm shocked that he wasn't snapped up for a hotter beat sooner.

Anyway, I wish I could offer some creative turn-of-phrase to say thanks to Todd for his work covering my favorite team, but I can't. Instead, I keep coming back to six words that I think capture Todd's time on the MU beat:

He didn't have to do that.

What I mean by that is: Marquette fans are a demanding crowd. We're a small, Midwestern liberal arts school, but (most of us) demand to be treated like -- and covered like -- a big state school. If there's a two-column preview on UW-Madison's upcoming season, we want a three-column feature on MU. We get up in arms if there's a delay in a blog post about a new Marquette recruit. Call it a li'l brother syndrome, or whatever, but the point is: it's definitely there, and it's kinda hard-wired into us at this point.

Todd knew that better than most, I'd imagine, and yet he never said "boo" about it. Instead, he did his best to satisfy our demands: a game story filed every night, a more detailed wrap-up post after every game, a blog post with a full transcript of the quotes from Coach Buzz and the players that must've taken two hours to prepare. He did online chats once a month. He ran a live blog for every Marquette game. He didn't have to do any of that.

He relented when we badgered him into starting a Twitter account, and then went one step further and actually entertained our often-less-than-insightful questions, musings, and (in my case) rants. He didn't have to respond. He could've shrugged us off, filed his game story, and called it a night. He didn't.

Hell, he even took the time to talk to two nitwits -- one of whom fixed the odds of Marquette making the NCAA Tournament in 2011 at 3% -- on a cold February afternoon one day after Marquette got pantsed by St. John's and he was up until 3:00 a.m. finishing his work for the JS. I had asked him a couple days earlier if he'd join us on the podcast. He immediately said yes, and laughed when I asked if we could compensate him for his time. When I checked in to confirm that he'd still be able to join us the day after the St. John's game, I learned how late he'd been up the night before. I asked if he wanted to cancel. "Nope; just gimme a couple hours to get ready." He didn't have to do that.

So: thanks, Todd, and sorry for not saying it sooner.