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Your October 18 Big East DEATHWATCH Update

The Big East Information Minister held a teleconference today to fiddle while his kingdom burns discuss the latest goings-on in the inevitable death of the conference. Here's what we learned:

  • The Big East exit fee is currently $5 million. But it would go up to $10 million if Navy and Air Force sign on for football. Or the current members might be held to the proposed $10 million exit fee already. Or ... I'm not sure. Because John Marinatto didn't seem very sure.
  • The Big East has not issued official invitations to any schools, despite reports that Houston's been asked to join, and the fact that we've raised the exit fee contingent on two specific schools signing on for football. Marinatto wasn't asked, however, if we've surreptitiously slipped any of those schools a handwritten "DO YOU LIKE ME? YES NO MAYBE" note.
  • 'Cuse and Pitt won't be allowed to leave before the 27-month notice period expires, even if that means the Big East has to play with fourteen (14) teams in football next year, unless Otto the Orange agrees to sacrifice his firstborn (firstgrown?) son.
  • The prospect of dissolving the football side of the Big East -- even if a couple more teams were to bail -- has not been discussed. Which, I suppose, makes sense; I mean, how many different ways do you need to say: "EVERYBODY FOR THEMSELVES"?
  • The Big East will rise from the ashes of conference realignment "stronger than ever." So we've got that going for us, which is nice.