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Your Big East Media Day Open Thread

I'm not sure where Big East Media Day fits in the college-basketball-events-as-holidays scheme, but for those of us who've been starving for college basketball information for six months, it's probably best likened to Basketball Thanksgiving. So let's pop open the cranberries, pile the plate full of creamed corn, and stuff ourselves with information until we have to unbuckle our belts.

We're not coming to you live from New York, unfortunately, and since we leave the professional journalism to the professional journalist types (Brewtown Andy sez: although apparently even Professional Journalists don't get to go to Media Day), we don't have any news to break here. What we can do, though, is accumulate the relevant information here for those of you who aren't able / don't want to follow along with the happenings on Twitter. There are some very smart people taking very good notes today -- among them: Jeff Borzello from CBS Sports (@jeffborzello), Brian Ewart from (@Brian_Ewart), and our friends from Providence's Friar Blog (@friarblog) -- and we'll relay their information here and do our best to keep it updated throughout the day.

So: let's get to it!

Here's the link to video of Coach Buzz's interview with Big East TV.

: UConn, 'Cuse tie in preseason coaches poll. Louisville, Pitt, Cincy, Marq, WVU, Novaa, ND, Gtown, RU, STJ, SHU, USF, Prov, DePaul follow.

: Ashton Gibbs POY in Big East...Andre Drummond Rookie of the Year. Abromaitis, DJO, Kris Joseph, Kevin Jones and Lamb also on first team.

: All-Big East second team: Gates, Scoop, Oriahki, Siva, Wayns. Honorable mention: Drummond, Napier, Cleveland Melvin, Crowder, Gus Gilchrist.

More notes, after the jump.


: Jay Wright standing with Jamie Dixon during Marinatto's speech. Marinatto is not bringing the house down with this one.

@TorchSports: Rick Pitino compares the ACC to used car salesmen.

@nathanfenno: Jim Boeheim on Syracuse fan reaction to ACC move: "The jury's out." Reluctant to delve into topic.

: Mike Brey: the last time the BE was rebuilding, one day the AD grabbed him and said: "We are going to the Big Ten." It was close.

: Huggins on realignment: "I think it sucks like everyone else does."

: "I don't understand it, but I wish them luck." - Rick Pitino on Syracuse and Pitt

: The facial expressions of Marinatto when speechtalking w media range from beleaguered to bemused.

@friarblog: Cooley on why more players didn't show "Cant afford to be out of class for one day", said some players are borderline academically

@sryantribune: #marquette coach buzz williams down 31 pounds and actually sleeps at night. F Crowder texts him to make sure he worked out.

@Brian_Ewart: Buzz Williams: "We're not going to start playing football" Glad we cleared that up.