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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Two Point Five: October Sweeps Edition

You thought we forgot, didn't you?

It's been two months since the last episode of our interminable quest to find THE perfect adjective to describe everyone's favorite pot-bellied whistleblower, NCAA referee Tim Higgins, but there's a very good reason why Adjective SURVIVOR has been on hiatus for eight weeks:

We, um, forgot.

And then the conference imploded, and we needed to photoshop John Marinatto's head on Baghdad Bob's body, and Rick Pitino started talking about how you can't go disrespectin' a lady after you've been with her for 30 years, and that made us laugh so hard that we had to sit a spell to keep from passing out, and then Dwyane Wade was at Marquette Madness and we were screaming like little girls at a Jonas Brothers concert, and then ... then we just kinda forgot.

But now we're back, just in time for October sweeps*, and it's time to assemble the tribes.

* Not really a thing, I don't think.


From my review of the archives, it appears we're down to four adjectives in Season Two Point Five. And I think RECALCITRANT was the last contender to get snuffed. If that's wrong, and you care enough to right my mistake, somebody let me know.

Here are the four remaining nominees. Remember: this being Adjective SURVIVOR!, you don't necessarily have to vote for your least favorite word, but it'd be awful silly to vote for your favorite.