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HELP WANTED: We Need A New Undersung Eagle. Or Maybe We Don't.

Faithful readers -- and even those of you who cheat on us by visiting other blogs -- will remember that last year, we started the tradition of adopting our Undersung Eagle of the Year, our favorite under-the-radar player whose contributions to the game aren't always as spectacular as those of his more-heralded teammates, but are just as important.

Last year, after much (read: no) deliberation, we decided to dub the award for the underappreciated player of the game the Joe Fulce Undersung Eagle of the Game Award. (As I said at the time and reiterate now: the decision to name the award after Big Joe had nothing to do with the fact that he remains the only Golden Eagle that follows us on Twitter. Completely independent.) Big Joe did the award proud: even with a bum wheel hampering his mobility, and even though Coach Buzz says there wasn't an offensive set that Fulce didn't screw up when he was on the floor, dude was good for at least a couple of boards, the occasional triple, and a whole lotta guts and heart left on the floor. (That last part didn't sound as gross in my head as it does in print. Sorry.)

Identifying our Undersung Eagle of the 2011-'12 campaign is proving a tad more difficult, which is why I'm throwing the floor open and giving you the weekend to think about it. Throw your suggestions in the comments, if you've got 'em, and I'll check again on Monday to see where we stand. The other option, of course, is to retire the Undersung Eagle award in Joe's name for perpetuity (read: until someone new takes over AE) and start a new award named after a current player. Your call.

Meanwhile: vote again in the poll, for old time's sake.