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Men's Soccer: Ah, Crap. Connecticut 3, Marquette 0

When your team is taking on a top 5 team like Marquette did last night against #2/#5 Connecticut, it's important to get off to a great start. Not good, not solid, GREAT. You have to put the high profile team back on their heels and make them realize they're in for a fight.

What you can't do is allow UConn to score on their first shot of the game. But that's what happened in the 9th minute when Allando Matheson played a Mamadou Diouf cross into the net past MU keeper David Check for a 1-0 lead. If that does happen, what you really can't do is allow UConn to take 5 shots over the next 11 minutes, because that ends with Diouf getting a header into the net for a 2-0 lead just 20 minutes into the game.

Marquette head coach Louis "The Dissident" Bennett on how his team started the game:

"We knew the first 25 minutes would be really important in this game. I don't think we were quite up to speed. We gave the ball away quite a bit, and we were just a day late and a dollar short."

From that point out, Marquette would actually outshoot UConn, both in shots (13-11) and shots on goal (6-4). But Diouf continued his strong performance by beating Check 1-on-1 in the 55th minute to take the score to its 3-0 finale.

The good news here is that Marquette maintains their Blue Division lead by 1 point over the Huskies. A win in their season finale against Pittsburgh on Saturday at Valley Fields will clinch the Golden Eagles' first Big East division title.