Your Definitive Haunted Hoops Recap, Now With 100% More Mrs. B

[Rubie sez: Mrs. Brewtown somehow found time to put together this excellent recap of the Haunted Hoops scrimmage, despite the fact that she was wrangling two energetic youngsters throughout the event. Pursuant to our long-standing agreement, we'll reward Mrs. B for her efforts the same way we compensate anyone who writes a recap when we're indisposed: with a slightly-used copy of Ice Princess, three room-temperature cans of Natty Ice, and a half-eaten bag of candy corn.]

My mission for this scrimmage, per BrewtownAndy, was to track Davante Gardner's three-point shooting.  Easy enough: none made, none attempted.  In fact, both teams combined to hit only 8 of 34 three pointers attempted (a paltry 23.5% success rate)* so this MAY be an area of concern.  Darius Johnson-Odom accounted for a quarter of the makes, going 2-9 from behind the arc.

Sloppy turnovers by both sides were an issue in the first half, but improved after half time.

That's the obvious bad news out of the way.  The good news?  Junior Cadougan seemed to have command of the white team and hopefully can provide the leadership that seemed to be missing from last year's squad. 

In a game with nothing more than pride on the line, both teams played hard until the end, epitomized by a ridiculous scramble for the ball that resulted in DJO literally tripping over a teammate with 2:22 remaining in the second half.

This game went into double OT so keep your AEDs on standby.  Three different players blew the chance to win the game for the either side by missing free throws late in the first OT**.  Cadougan stepped up in the second OT: he nailed two free throws and a layup to seal the win for the white team. 

We can expect good things from both Cadougan and Chris Otule, who looked so comfortable and confident on the floor, this season.  DJO may have struggled with three pointers, but was still a force inside the arc.  I was also excited by Juan Anderson's performance and hope he sees some playing time.

* Stats are from Paint Touches' Twitter. They saw 3 more three pointers than I did because they are professionals.

** The overall free throw numbers were fine, but the late clutch misses did make me raise an eyebrow.