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10.3 Morning Coffee: 3 out of 4 Edition

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I had said that Nebraska's defense was soft and the offense was inconsistent. Unfortunately, that was on full display Saturday night. Worst of all was the terrible coaching by Nebraska. I can't remember a game with worse playcalling and clock management. Never in a million years did I think we would be out-coached by Bret Bielema. Right now, Wisconsin football is what Nebraska looked like in the mid-90s.

Prior to the game, Warrior Brad and I wrote a piece for about hating the Badgers. As expected, the Badger fans in the comments were humorless and predictable. With all that said, and it pains me to say this: the Badger fans near us at Camp Randall were cordial beyond belief. Outside the stadium was another story. Short version: over 40 - you acted nice; under 40 - crude and classless.

I was at Miller Park yesterday for this. That salvaged the weekend.

Well done Canada.

Taste the happy people. Taste. The. Happy.

A fantastic kids artist has a kickstarter campaign going on.

Twin Peaks is a competitor to Hooters?

Aziz Ansari.

More reasons to hate ESPN.

Music nerd does not like the Nirvana re-release.

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Random Music Video: Freelance Whales