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2011-2012 Player Preview: #10 Juan Anderson

The subject of our third player preview is freshman wing Juan Anderson. Mr. Anderson is 6'6", 210 pounds and hails from Oakland, California. He will wear jersey #10, last worn by David Cubillan. He joins a long list of Marquette players whose first name starts with the letter "J": Juan, Junior, Jae, Jamil, Jamail and Jake (plus Jamal next season). In his senior season of high school ball at Castro Valley, he turned in a stat-stuffer special with averages of 16.6 points, 7.0 rebounds and 5.0 assists per game, leading Castro Valley to a 30-2 record. Rivals rated Juan as the 61st best player in the 2011-12 class and the 19th best forward.

So in other words: like most freshmen, we have no idea what Anderson will actually bring to the table. Will we only see him in a mop up role in the early part of the season? Or will he be the rare (read: we haven't seen it yet) freshman who can make an immediate impact in Buzz's system? In high school, Juan could shoot, dish and rebound. Erik Williams could also do that, but what he couldn't -- or wouldn't? -- do is play defense. Where'd that get him? A spot at the end of the bench. We expect the same to hold true for Anderson: if Juan can't play D, he won't see the floor.

Minimum Expectations: A player who will see five minutes of playing time per game, giving vets like Jae and Jamil a minute to catch their breath before re-entering the game.

In My Wildest Dreams: Juan goes from getting five minutes a game to earning nearly 15 minutes per contest come Big East conference play, staking out a spot in the rotation and never letting it go. And, to make matters better: there's very little drop off when Juan hits the floor, no matter who he is replacing.

In My Worst Nightmare: He follows in the footsteps of Erik Williams, Dameon Mason, Scott Christopherson, Carlton Christian, Damian Saunders and the list goes on ...

You can follow Juan on Twitter here: juanonjuan10