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Marquette Is All Over Your Television

Marquette announced the broadcasting setup for the remainder of their schedule yesterday. The following are games that will be broadcast by Time Warner Cable's Sports32 in Milwaukee with Dennis Krause and Jim McIlvaine calling the games (all times Central):

  • Mount St. Mary's, Nov. 11, 8pm
  • Norfolk State, Nov. 14, 6pm
  • Jacksonville, Nov. 28, 7pm
  • UW-Green Bay, Dec. 10, 1pm
  • Northern Colorado, Dec. 17, 1pm
  • UW-Milwaukee, Dec. 22, 8pm

Apologies to those Marquette fans outside the Milwaukee area, as you're not going to be able to see these games on television.

Next up are Big East Network games that will be carried in the Milwaukee area by TWC Sports32. Those of you with DirecTV and Dish Network may be able to track these games down on various other cable stations that are available with the big sports packages, so check your local listings. The games are:

  • at Syracuse, Jan. 7, 3pm
  • at Providence, Jan. 21, 3pm
  • South Florida, Jan. 24, 7pm
  • Seton Hall, Jan. 31, 7pm
  • Rutgers, Feb. 22, 7pm
  • Georgetown, Mar. 3, 1pm

Four final schedule notes:

  • does not list the Paradise Jam with any kind of TV broadcast, but the Paradise Jam website says that they have been partnering with Fox Sports for broadcasts of those games.
  • National Marquette Day is Saturday, February 11 against Cincinnati.
  • Al's Night is Wednesday, January 11 against St. John's
  • Marquette will celebrate its 95th season of college basketball on Saturday, January 14 against Pitt. Expect more basketball alumni than you can shake a stick at to be in attendance.