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An Anonymous Eagle Podcast? v.2.0: TEH NEW HOTNESS Season Preview Edition

We're back like a bad cold in Season 2 of the Anonymous Eagle podcast, and Rubie, Mr. Kensington, and Warrior Brad had a lot to catch up on after taking a six-month break from talking Marquette basketball. On the menu today: the death of the Big East (and the rise of a basketball-only conference?); the briefest of recaps on Marquette Madness; trying to figure out what's going on with Marquette's shortest players (the point guards) and its tallest (our suddenly serviceable big men); a look around the league before the season kicks off on 11.11.11; and one wild -- and surely inaccurate -- prediction for the upcoming season.

As always: we apologize in advance.

Except to Rutgers.

Click on the player below to listen, or, if you're so inclined, find the podcast by searching for "Anonymous Eagle" on iTunes.