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11.11 Morning Coffee: Lidlifter Edition

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Lift the lid off! (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Lift the lid off! (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Getty Images

First off, it is Veterans Day.

Secondly, Mount St. Mary's evil. Must be destroyed.

Welcome to the lidlifter, kids. Time for the basketball season to begin. We've waited since this nightmare for new meaningful basketball. Granted, Mount St. Mary is far from a true, meaningful basketball game that can tell us how good this team really is. But it's something. It's not the Pro-Am, it's not Madness, it's not Haunted Hoops scrimmage. It's real college basketball.

Because I'm the smartest man here at Anonymous Eagle, the boss man Rubie Q decided not to do a prediction post this year. He opted to have you guys vote. So if you haven't voted yet do so: Conference record, Conference standing, non-conference record and lastly, NCAA tournament seed.

Short on cash? Lucky for you, a bar 2 blocks from the Bradley Center is Amazon's Deal of the Day.

311 is offering up a free concert download on their site.

Looking to kill time before tip off? Guys go here. Ladies go here.

Pork that looks like pig.

Typical Tennessee.

11.11.11. Rock on.

This. Want.

Want. This.

Kudos to Is everyone rooting for Nebraska tomorrow?

Kids music that features a song called 'River of Blood'

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Interesting. I went to JSOnline this morning to find the story on today's game. Here's the story. Wait. There isn't a story. We have a blog post from yesterday saying that Vander is going to start. But that's it. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Please Todd, come back!
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