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11.11.11 In Related News: Men's Soccer Yearly Awards

Last night, in advance of today's Big East Championship semifinals, the Big East announced the winners of the conference postseason awards, and, as befitting a program that won its first Big East division title, Marquette was heavily represented.

Calum Mallace became the first Marquette player to win Big East Midfielder Of The Year as he shares this year's award with St. John's Pablo Punyed. Mallace tied for the Big East lead in conference play with 0.56 assists/game. Mallace's team leading 6 assists led him to finish 2nd on the Golden Eagles in points. He also had 3 goals, which included the game winner against Pittsburgh that clinched Marquette's Blue Division title. To go along with this award, Mallace was also named to the All-Big East First Team.

Coach Louis "The Dissident" Bennett and his coaching staff were named Big East Coaching Staff of the Year. Marquette improved from last year's record of 7-8-4 overall and 3-4-2 in Big East play to finish 9-7-2 with a sparkling 7-2-0 record in Big East play to win the Blue Division after being picked to finish 6th.

I promised you a rant last night on Twitter, and here it is: Marquette's C. Nortey was the only unanimous selection to the All-Big East Rookie team. Seems like a reason for celebration, right? Except there's one problem. West Virginia's Andrew Bevin was voted Rookie Of The Year. So there's at least 1 coach who doesn't think Bevin is one of the 11 best rookies in the league, but he still garners enough votes to be Rookie Of The Year? And how are these votes separate?

I wouldn't even be that annoyed if you could prove that Bevin had a better year than Nortey. But you can't. Nortey finished with more goals (9) than Bevin (7) and more points (20) than Bevin (16). On top of that, Bevin disappeared in conference play, while Nortey came on strong. Nortey finished 4th in points and 2nd in goals in Big East games while Bevin doesn't even register in the top 10 in either category, nor does Bevin show up in the top 10 for assists, either.

Upside: At some point, Bevin's school is leaving this conference (because they're a bunch of traitors), so Nortey's not going to get hosed out of awards in favor of this guy in the future.