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11.14 Morning Coffee: 2-0 Edition

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The team isn't 2-0 yet, but it's pretty much a formality at this point. Reminder for those of you not going to the game tonight: make sure to join our in-game live blog.

Of course Sandusky is still getting a pension from PSU.

Someone is trying match Sandusky in the creep factor.

Oh, Axl.

Winnie Cooper deserves better work than this.

This looks delicious.


AC/DC & Star Wars. Sure, why not?

Dads of L.A. school kids are excited.

Even the guy who covers the Badgers is a thin-skinned nit.

Marquette Basketball Links:
We're 1-0!
Memo to the student section.
The lack of coverage from the JS isn't lost on the interim AD.
AP game recap.
Athletic Department preview of tonight's game.
Sweet 16?
The women won, but it shouldn't have been that close.

Random Music Video: Angels & Airwaves